The Robert L. Freitas scholarship is open to individuals from low- and middle-income countries. This scholarship is offered for the Leadership Essentials Course and provides a substantial reduction to the registration fee, which covers tuition, course materials, and social events.

Travel, housing, and visa costs are not covered.


Applicants must meet the following criteria for consideration:

  • Applicants must be physicians, nurses or administrators in ED leadership positions who reside in a country on the World Bank’s low-income or lower-middle income economies index.
  • Applicants must have at least a B2 level of English reading and conversation skills.
  • Applicants must have a funding source for the reduced registration fee ($750.00 USD), travel, housing, and visa costs.


The application period for the 2024 scholarship will open soon. To be notified of future scholarship opportunities, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Eligible physicians, nurses, and administrators may apply online. The following application materials are required:

  • A personal statement describing your current ED leadership role and your future goals with emergency medicine development in your hospital and/or region. Please also include how you think this course will help advance your ED development plans.
  • CV (curriculum vitae)
  • A recommendation letter from your current supervisor.

Application Deadline: 01 June, 2024

About Robert L. Freitas

Robert Freitas

The Robert L. Freitas Scholarship was established to support the participation of individuals from low- and middle-income countries in IEDLI.

This scholarship is named in memory of Robert L. Freitas, MS (1951-2020), who was one of the co-founders of IEDLI in 2009. Rob was an accomplished healthcare leader and educator who possessed a wealth of real-world experience in healthcare delivery as a provider, manager and leader.

Throughout his career, Rob worked extensively with developing and improving healthcare delivery systems, both domestically and internationally. He recognized early on that to have physicians, nurses, and other clinicians with excellent clinical training was necessary but not sufficient for delivering effective, high-quality care. Effective leadership and management are also essential to create an operational environment that enables clinicians to do their jobs and provide high-quality care.

As one of the founders of IEDLI, Rob was instrumental in shaping the program curricula, which benefited from his real-world sensibility and common-sense approach to leadership, based on his decades of successful experience in healthcare delivery. As an educator, Rob was known for his engaging style, practical anecdotes, and life lessons, as well as his ability to connect with all types of learners.

This scholarship is a tribute to Rob’s contributions to healthcare leadership education and his enduring belief that effective leaders are not born, but are made, through good training and hard work.