Continuing Executive Education

13-14 October 2022 | Berlin

What is the Continuing Executive Education Course?

People Working on a Table Together

The Continuing Executive Education Course provides the unique opportunity for Emergency Department leaders to engage with international peers on topics regarding ED leadership and management. In this in-person, two-day program, these cutting edge topics are presented using interactive seminars and workshops. The sessions are led by internationally recognized experts. 

This master-level course explores topics central to the global challenges in Emergency Department management. Participants discuss best practices and gold standards for high-performance emergency department health care delivery.

The Continuing Executive Education Course is open to new participants as well as to alumni from the IEDLI Leadership Essentials Course looking to enhance their management and leadership skills even further.

“This has given me many ideas to take back to my department. I would like more of the faculty at my institution to attend!”

What Topics are Covered?

Topics in the Continuing Executive Education Course change every year – they are always pertinent to cutting edge Emergency Department leadership and management challenges. Alumni have a strong input on topics chosen for future Con Ed courses. 

The 2022 Continuing Executive Education Course topics will be released shortly.

“Sharing policies and procedures that participant leaders have successfully instituted in their emergency departments and across their health organizations has been very helpful for me to induce positive change in my own department”

“The interactive format of the didactic sessions using the workshop approach has helped me not only to learn about best practices but also to ‘create change’ as practical exercises are run during the two-day course. I feel more confident taking those practical exercises back home and continuing advancing my department based on what I have learned at Con Ed”

Who Should Participate?

This program is designed for doctors, nurses, and administrators who currently lead or plan to lead emergency departments. 

For course fees and other information, please visit the registration page.