CEDE Certification Course

What is the Certified Emergency Department Executive (CEDE) Course?

Emergency Department leaders are responsible for providing solutions to problems that arise, both big and small. Often, this must occur rapidly with limited information but with assessment of whatever data is readily available. The Certified Emergency Department Executive (CEDE) Certification Course prepares participants to face these problems in a time-sensitive environment.

Started in 2014, the three-day CEDE Certification Course is an interactive, in-person course that allows participants to experience the pressure of quickly developing solutions to common problems. This course involves working in teams and making a formal presentation to hospital leaders on real-world scenarios. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive the Certified Emergency Department Executive Certification and join the elite group of emergency department leaders worldwide who are working toward an agreed-upon standard of excellence. 

How is the Course Organized?

IEDLI attendees work in groups

Course participants work in groups and interact with a specific case study, each of which outlines a specific problem. The team’s task is to come up with a realistic solution. Case study topics include:

  • Risk management
  • Staffing
  • Quality of care
  • Overcrowding
  • Triage

The course culminates with a professional presentation in which each group will formally present their solution to a board of senior IEDLI faculty members. All group members will be expected to speak for at least 5 minutes during the presentation (25-30 minutes total), and presenters may use notes, slides, and any other visual means of communicating their messages. 

Morning didactic sessions will aid in the completion of student presentations, with afternoons dedicated to group work. Each group will be assigned a senior IEDLI faculty member as a mentor, who will guide groups as they work on their presentations. 

“This course has raised the bar for all other CME. Very well-organized. I never felt for a minute that my time was being wasted.”

IEDLI Attendee

Who Should Participate?

CEDE Certification

The CEDE Certification Course is the final step in CEDE Certification and is available only to those who have attended the IEDLI Leadership Essentials Course and have passed the CEDE written exam. If you would like to take the Certification Course to become CEDE certified and have taken the IEDLI Leadership Essentials Course but not the CEDE exam, you will have the opportunity to take the exam.

Course Details

In addition to interacting with others within the classroom, CEDE Certification Course students have the opportunity to network at social events during the course. Social events are included in the course registration fee and include a Monday night welcome reception, and the Wednesday night gala dinner.

The CEDE Certification Course will run concurrently with the Leadership Essentials Course in a separate classroom. All social events, including lunches and the social dinner, will be held jointly.

For course fees and other information, please visit the registration page.