Mobarak Al Mulhim, MD, MBA, FRCPC (EM & CCM), ABLM

  • Vice President for Clinical Excellence, Eastern Health Cluster, Saudi Arabia
  • Regional Program Director, Critical Residency and Fellowship, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
  • Faculty Member at BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine and Dignitary Protective Medicine Fellowship, USA

Dr. Al Mulhim attended medical school at the University of King Faisal, Saudi Arabia. He completed his residency in Emergency Medicine (EM) and a Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine (CCM) at McMaster University, Canada. He also acquired his MBA, specializing in International Health Care and Hospital Management, from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Additionally, Dr. Al Mulhim completed the Harvard University NPLI Disaster Medicine Fellowship and co-founded the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) Dignitary Protective Medicine Fellowship.

Dr. Al Mulhim is a co-founder of the Saudi Society of Emergency Medicine and among the first EM program directors in Saudi Arabia. He continues to be among the leaders in the Saudi Critical Care Specialty.

In addition to his clinical practice in EM and CCM, Dr. Al Mulhim has held multiple academic and leadership roles at leading healthcare organizations, with a unique experience in dignitary medical protection as a personal physician. He served as CEO of the Royal Clinics, certified by the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine.

In his healthcare transformation journey at the Eastern Health Cluster and as a Chief of the Clinical Shared Services, Dr. Al Mulhim developed the Eastern Health Cluster Resource Control Center, Command Control, Centralized Inter-Facility Medical transport, Virtual Health Services, and the Home Healthcare Program. As an executive director, he has led the development of the EM service line, and currently serves as the Vice President of the Eastern Health Cluster for Clinical Excellence.