The IEDLI Course

As the number of interdisciplinary emergency departments grows internationally, where can ED leaders acquire the administrative skills they need to build and sustain successful emergency departments?

The International Emergency Department Leadership Institute (IEDLI) was created by Harvard Medical School faculty and other international experts in order to provide ED leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to operate successful emergency departments in any part of the world.

In this one-week course consisting of over 35 hours of interactive lectures
and workshops, leaders will explore strategies to:

• Establish the ED’s role within the hospital
• Educate and motivate a new generation of emergency physicians and nurses
• Improve efficiency and control costs
• Decrease overcrowding
• Develop quality improvement programs
• Develop an emergency medicine training program
• Form a strong administrative structure

According to the World Health Organization, the global economic crisis presents a unique opportunity to make needed health reforms and to find more efficient ways to use limited health resources. Now is the perfect time for leaders to address inefficiencies and organizational problems in their emergency departments.

The IEDLI program will challenge the way you think about the problems facing your emergency department. Together with ED leaders from around the world, you will explore leadership topics that offer solutions to the challenges of emergency care today. This program is designed for doctors, nurses and administrators.

For more information about IEDLI 2019, please refer to our course website.